(1) PAYMENT: Pricing and payments displayed on this website are all in U.S. Dollars. We accept Vista, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and money orders or cashiers checks. We will glady accept your personal check (U.S. Only) as payment, but time for the check to clear will delay shipping your order by a few days. Note that special restrictions apply in some states and countries. We want to accommodate all our customers, but are restricted by law in what we can ship in some instances (See #3, #4, #5, #6 and our international shipping instructions below).



(2) RETURNS: If you are not satisfied with a product, you can return it within 30 days, for a refund, provided the product is in NEW condition, including product boxes. Please contact us for a return authorization number first. We will also replace or give credit for products that have actual defects, or products that suffer significant damage in shipping. If requesting replacement/credit for shipping damage, please retain the original packing with the product so that we can file a claim with the shipping company. Credit/replacement requests for product defects need to be made within ten days of receipt of product.


(3) CALIFORNIA and KANSAS: By law, we can only ship "imitation" (non-firing replica) firearms to these states if we include a frame or presentation box with the order. If you live in California or Kansas, when ordering a pistol or rifle that is not already part of a framedor boxed set, please view the frame options and select one, or we willadd our lowest-priced frame to fit the rifle or pistol you selected to your order


(4) CONNECTICUT, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW YORK, WISCONSIN & MINNESOTA: We can only ship replicas of antique firearms (pre-1898) to these states. In New York, we can ship replicas of modern firearms (post-1898) only to theatrical companies, military, police or other government accounts with valid proof of account identity. A copy of a valid purchase order or request on letterhead from one of these entities is considered sufficient proof.


(5) CANADA: Non-firing replicas of antique weapons (defined as pre-1898 in Canadian law) are the only replica guns we can ship to Canada. If the original gun fired a self-contained metal cartridge (as most of the Old West guns did), it is also prohibited as a "modern weapon". Percussion, cap & ball and flintlock replicas can be shipped to Canada.


(6) If you are outside the USYou can use the PayPal buttons on the pages to purchase from other countries, but when you are redirected to the PayPal secure payment page, be sure that you click the  "ship outside the U.S.?" link on the right side of the page. When you click this link, it opens a drop-down list of countries. Click your country in the list, then click "update" and PayPal will calculate international shipping for your order. We ship international orders by Priority International Mail, even though their tracking is not updated as often as UPS or Fed-Ex, because it is the least expensive way to ship internationally, and customs brokerage fees are lower, which saves you money. Laws vary widely by country. If you order something we can't legally ship to your country, we will immediately refund your payment and notify you by email.


Please note that you will be responsible for all tariffs, duties, VATs, etc. imposed when the product arrives in your country.



Shipping & Return Policy

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